Team Boatafloat tested out one of our most exhilarating boat hire experiences on the Honda 150 Race Boats last Friday. We absolutely loved it and can’t recommend the ride enough for anyone looking for a high speed adrenaline rush out on the water!

From Shamrock Quay in Southampton, the four of us and our Skipper made our way up the river, driven by our intern Peter as he got his eye in for the first time being behind the wheel of a powerboat.

Luckily, we picked a stunning day and drove out in the sunshine with the glassy expanse of the Solent in front of us, ready to make some serious waves.

Each having a go at driving the boat, we all practiced making turns and rounding marker buoys the tightest we could, pushing the boat’s incredible ability to take corners at speed. I think a favourite for all of us was getting some air off the wake of the Red Jet ferry – our Skipper taught us exactly how to hit the waves at a 45 degree angle and make the boat fly.

We were also incredibly grateful for the spring-loaded seats which take all the impact for you as you return to the water. Richard also learnt that it is very important to hold on…

Check out our videos and pics, which the boys amazingly managed to film as we were going along, with no technology casualties going over the side!

One of the great things about this experience is it’s suitability for any level of boating and driving experience. Totally accessible to novices, whilst also hair-raising enough for our motorboat-mad Fleet Manager Harry… “Where can I buy one!?”

“It was okay” is never enough for Saber’s Nadia – each powerboat experience has to leave riders buzzing, and that’s exactly how we felt returning to the marina! Windswept and salty-faced, what a way to kick off the morning. Ladies, take a hair-tie, I’m still untangling the knots now…

For £49 per person, we reckoned this would be a perfect team day out, birthday present experience or maybe a date idea that’s that little bit different… Check out our experience package or boat hire options for these Honda 150’s.

When can we go again!??

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